About me

Cheng Fu is a Lecturer and Senior Researcher (Oberassistent in German, since 2020.10) and the Group Leader of Urban GeoInformatics (since 2021.11) in the Department of Geography, University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland. Previously, he was Postdoctoral Researcher in the same department.

Cheng received his Ph.D. in Geography from the Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland (UMD), USA in 2018. Before that, he received his M.A. in Geography from Binghamton University (BU), NY, USA and B.S. in Remote Sensing and GIS from Peking University (PKU), Beijing, China.

Research interests

  • Data mining and data modeling on human-behavior-related Big Data
  • Urban place modeling
  • Mobility and health
  • Geographical information retrieval and visualization
  • Understanding urban geography from human behavior