Development of a Smart Mobile Farming Service System

Published in Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2010

Recommended citation: Zheng, L., Li, M., Wu, C., Ye, H., Ji R., Deng X., Che Y., Fu, C., and Guo, W. (2011). Development of a Smart Mobile Farming Service System. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 54 (3), 1194-1203.


A smart mobile farming service system is developed based on WSN (Wireless Sensors Network), GPS and GIS technologies. The hardware system includes WSNs based on Zigbee technology, customized farming PDAs and a host PC. The software system comprises the protocol between the Zigbee coordinator and the farming PDA, the embedded GIS system running on the PDA and the remote farming management system running on the host PC. The Farming PDA integrates the Zigbee coordinator module, GPS module and GPRS module. It can monitor and control the WSN via the Zigbee coordinator, collect the farming information from the WSN nodes, acquire GPS information of each sampling site and exchange data with the host PC via GPRS. The host PC can supervise several farming PDA terminals, exchange data with the farming PDAs, visualize the farming information and offer irrigation decision support according to real-time field information and the farmland irrigation model.